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Recent Events

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Rock Soundwave

We organised The Music Network Community event by the name Rock Soundwave. In this event, all the emerging stars of Australian rock music participated from different parts of Gold Coast and other parts of Queensland like Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and so on. Thousands of Rock music lovers gathered for this event with friends, family. There were many more things in this event like games, music-related handicrafts, food and drinks.

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Iconic Brisbane Music

In this event, the Brisbane audience experienced soothing country music. Individual artists as well as bands from different music genres participated and received a lot of appreciation from the audience. Along with the electrifying atmosphere, there was delicious Australian food and drinks. People bought their chairs and rugs and experienced a memorable time. We are planning to organise a similar event in the near future.

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This event at the heart of Sydney also witnessed all types of music lovers of different age groups. From jazz, country music, and classic to rock and pop, all kinds of bands and artists were present at this event. Many local television and radio channels covered this event. Many established and popular stars from the Australian Music industry participated in this event.

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Impulse Music

In the month of January last year, we organised this event that was based on pop and rock music. This event lasted for 3 days where several singers, musicians and bands from various parts of the Victoria and Australia participated. Thousands of music lovers came to witness this grand event where they enjoyed the music along with delicious food and drinks.

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Music Mania

It was one of the most successful events that The Music Network Community organised in recent time. Many local media houses, music companies took part in this event that was a treat for the music lovers of Queensland. We haven't organised any event in Sunshine Coast this year because of the COVID pandemic, but now, as things are improving, we are planning for another event this year.

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Nexus Music Festival

We organised Nexus Music Festival in 2019 for New Year celebrations, and it was an exceptional event. It gathered twice of the spectators we expected. Musicians and singers from different parts of Sydney and New South Wales. A few special stalls were also organised with various books, magazines about Australian music sold. We are also planning to organise a similar event at the end of this year.

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Country Calling

All flavours of music were there is this event. From country and classic music styles to pop music, rock bands and many more, all kinds of artists participated in this event. Many live interview sessions were organised for the renowned artists where the music lovers got many exciting information about their favourite artists and bands.

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This The Music Network Community Event will be organised by the name of 'Popaholic', which was an amazing experience for the pop music lovers. Many young and talented musicians from different parts of Brisbane and QLD participated in this event. Due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, we couldn't organise any event, but now planning for a grand event next year.

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Everlast Rock

This event in the capital city of the country was organised for rock music lovers, and it was a highly successful event. People who love this genre of music came for the event from various cities and states. The Music Network Community organised this event along with a few renowned music agencies of the country. Media houses in Canberra covered this exceptional event, and all famous rock bands participated in this musical event.

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