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9 Most Popular Bands from Australia

blog_img1 Nov 23, 2021

9 Most Popular Bands from Australia

The Australian bands is an inseparable part of the music culture of the country as they have produced some of the most iconic tracks of all time. Whether it is rock, punk, pop or grunge, these bands have elevated the standard of the music industry with their award-winning albums and exceptional chart-topping hits. Here are the most iconic musical bands from Australia to have ever emerged.




This band was formed in 1973 in Sydney and became popular because of their impactful lyrics on controversial topics, rock and roll. AC/DC is undoubtedly the most popular band from Australia that went on to become one leading rock bands in the world. Highway to Hell that released in the year 1979, is their best work that helped the band to achieve their legendary status.


INXS performed for the first time at the Oceanview Hotel in Toukley, Australia in September 1979. The next year, the band released a self-titled album, which achieved immense success. They went on to perform over 300 shows across Australia. After the death of their lead singer Michael Hutchence, INXS performed with guest vocalists for some time before calling it a day in 2012.

Crowded House

This was formed in the years 1985 in Melbourne by members Paul Hester, Neil Finn, Tim Finn and Nick Seymour. From 1985 to 1996, the Crowded House had several hits, including Something So Strong, Don’t Dream It’s Over, Weather with You, and Fall at Your Feet. Because of their popularity in the capital city of Victoria, the Melbourne Museum for Performing Arts started to display a Crowded House exhibition.

Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil was formed in 1972 by members Andre James, Jim Moginie, singer Martin Rotsey and Peter Garrett. With their exceptional sound, stagecraft and unique music, the band became extremely popular. They highlighted the political and social injustices through their music and powerful lyrics. From 1976 to 2002, Midnight Oil performed shows 200 times a year across pubs, clubs and theatres of Australia.

The Angels

The Angles is one of the oldest rock bands from Australia that is performing today. Their era started from 1974 to 2000 and then from 2008 to the present day. Although the band took some inspiration from AC/DC, they had their own lyrical style and eccentric. Ironically, the Angeles was founded by AC/DC’s own Bon Scott and Angus Young. The band celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2014 by releasing the album Talk the Talk.

Cold Chisel

Cold Chisel was formed in 1973 in Adelaide but gained massive success between 1978 and 1983, particularly with their hit ‘Khe San’. During that period, the band dominated the music industry of Australia as they were the most popular band on record as well as the stage. Cold Chisel’s songwriter Don Walker became famous for his mesmerising storytelling skills. The Music Network Community provides information about Cold Chisel and many more bands from past and present.

The Divinyls

The Divinyls began their musical journey in Sydney in 1980. The band went through several changes before its end in 1996. However, singer Chrissy Amplett and Mark McEntee (guitarist) remain an important members of the group. Chrissy Amplett was perhaps the most important member of the Divinyls and was extremely popular for her determination and passion for singing and performance. Four out of the five albums that the band released made a place in the top ten of the Australian charts. One of the albums reached the top 15 in the United States.

Savage Garden

The band Savage Garden came into existence when Daniel Jones gave an ad looking for a lead vocalist for Red Edge (his then band.) Darren Hayes responded, and they decided to form a duo, and Savage Garden was born. The self-titled album of Daniel and Darren held a record as an Australian-made album with the third-longest stay in the top 10. Savage Garden sold 11 million albums and won 10 ARIA Awards.


They are one of the most popular Australian rock bands in Australia, who sold a monstrous 6.5 million album copies across the globe and in Australia. Two of their popular singles, ‘Rollover DJ’ and ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ became extremely popular. At the 2004 ARIA Music Awards, Jet received several nominations and awards in Australia as well as in the United States.


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